No trace of slavery ought to mix with the studies of the freeborn man.- Plato

For too long we Nigerian students (at least the multitude of us in public universities), have watched ASUU and the FG slug it out from one battle to another. It seems to me that this workers union is bent on getting whatever they want using us as pawns in their games with the Government, our pains and disorientation as we stay idle at home is dispensable as long as their demands are met.

There have been several strikes over the years for various reasons; I can’t argue that their demands on each strike has not been legitimate but it is obvious that this method is unproductive and crude, It stinks of blackmail. The university system being a body of intellectuals shouldn’t be involved in this kind of behavior, but alas they have become professional at it and at it the drop of a hat STRIKE!!! is the word.

This has to stop at a point, we cannot continue watching our masters fight shamelessly in a tussle where our duty is to sit down and observe till they are done, like slaves. ASUU should device a better means to interface with the Government, admittedly this system has worked for them but their victories cannot be at our expense. It is time for them to consider the hardships this is working on us.

During the military era strikes where embarked upon because Government at the time was largely unresponsive, right now that cannot be honestly said. Our scholars should do what is expected of them, throwing tantrums cannot solve the educational challenges we are currently facing as a country. Human wants are unlimited and i’m sure that even if their agitations are pandered to momentarily, there are going to be other needs, what happens then?

Everybody is clamoring for attention in this country, BOKO HARAM at the end of the day wants amnesty. The bottom line of this strike action is money, the retirement age is obviously not what they are after and we the future of this country are been gambled with, this is unacceptable.  ASUU please call off this strike and continue your dialogues with Government. That is, if indeed your cardinal objective is the educational improvement of your students!


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