deep black sea 435
It was a comfortable, tastefully decorated pad. with bright lights and a heavy chill from the air-conditioning, the wall was painted a shade of grey close to purple. A majestic bed sat in the middle of the room with too many pillows in different colors; a girls room. There was a round window adjacent the bed to the left that gave a breathtaking view of the passing sea.

“Is this yours?” Leo asked.

“Its mine when i’m here,” she replied. “Do you like it?”

“Its cozy”

She went to the wardrobe, searched a little bit and came back to the bed holding a jacket.

“Try this on, its a real tuxedo.”

He took it from her. “Can i change in the bathroom?”

“You can change right here Leo” She answered calmly.

He turned around and started undressing, about halfway through, with just his trousers remaining he turned to her.

“Can i have some privacy, please?”

“Sure, i’d close my eyes.” She said quickly.

Leo said thanks gruffly as he turned around again and started undoing his zip. He could swear that her eyes were all over his bare back as he put on the tux.

Her eyes where still closed when he finished dressing ,but a smile was playing around the corner of her lips.

“How does it look on me?” He asked after a few awkward seconds.

She opened her eyes slowly.

“You look”, she paused then swallowed. “Just as i thought you would.” Her eyes scanned him from top to bottom, she moved forward and adjusted his collar.

“Perfect!…you look perfect, just like Mr. Bond would look if ever there was a black one.”

“Away with the flattery.” Leo said curtly.

“No i mean it, perfect height, build and features.”

“Okay, that’s enough. Can i change now? I really need to take a shower.”

“Oh yes, you can take your shower here, while i look for something to wear, for later in the evening…then we go together.” She said suggestively.

“Don’t you think that’s inappropriate?” Leo asked, worry etched all over his face. “People are bound to imagine things, if i escort you there.”

“Let them imagine all they want, i would hangout with whom i choose, i don’t care what they think.”

Leo was about speaking but the look on her pretty face stopped him short.

“Where’s the bathroom? He asked casually changing the topic and dousing the tension.

She pointed to one of two doors just across her bed, that he hadn’t noticed before. As he made to go, she held his hand tenderly.  He turned to face her, she moved closer and kissed him.

Leo’s reaction was slow because the kiss was sudden; he had always known this was going to happen sooner or later in a corner of his mind. What he never reckoned was his reaction to the taste of her full lips and the eruption that occurred inside of him.

She kissed again and this time he replied in full holding her to him, it was heavenly feeling her soft breast against his chest as her tongue drove him wild with desire.

Then they stopped. She smiled seductively, there was a slightly comatose look in her eyes. She wriggled slowly from his arms her eyes on him as she took her clothes off, Leo did the same and in seconds they where both staring thirstily at each other in awe of their   beautiful nakedness-her ample, perfectly shaped breasts with dark and fully attentive nipples-she stared in wonder at the man before her and an aching throbbed from deep within.

They fell into each other, he grabbed her roughly and she let off a soft moan, they kissed long and hard. When they finally came up for air, she gasped.

“Take me Leo, please take me.”

And he took her hard. She bit his shoulder to conceal a squeal, as she moved in sinc with his thrusts; he barely felt it. The sounds she made would have put a roman orgy to shame. He was intense, her wetness fueling his hardness the tempo increasing as she became putty under him. They came almost simultaneously sweating, shaking and whimpering…





  1. This is good writing, romantic and shows how deep and sexually corrupt your mind is. Normally I would have said offside but Thumbs up bro, all u need is me for promotion, u know i know the, and I like this Tori gurl, her name is sexy.

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