Scourge of the past

In 1985, IBB was the president of Nigeria and our teachers told us that Buhari was the former President…Our teacher also called us the leaders of tomorrow…27 years later, Buhari is still contesting for President…its either our teacher lied to us about being the leaders of tomorrow…or tomorrow hasn’t come.


On the boko haram issue, the north is by ommision or commision creating a monster they would not be able to control, the current situation in Mali might be the end result and the northern elite should be rest assured that the rest of this country would not be dragged into that quagmire.


The feverish nature with which they lay claim to power is a revelation to the underlying philosophy that has stagnated this country for decades. On the issue of autonomy I see northern Nigeria acting like spoilt kids; their unwillingness to become economically independent is at best comic.


It is obvious that the north would consider any other result except victory in 2015 frivolous; Buhari’s remarks claiming that the last election was rigged is indeed laughable. On election day in Delta State ‘which i witnessed’ the Presidential elections were carried out peacefully and a majority of deltans voted for Jonathan. I can almost say the same for most of the states in the Niger Delta, Eastern Nigeria and Western Nigeria.


The northern political elite craftily divided this country into two regions; North and South. Irrespective of the fact that we have in addition to the above, West and East. With distinct historical, cultural and ideological backgrounds. In my view this is to facilitate an uneven distribution of power in their favor. With the destruction of zoning by Jonathan’s election, they feel cheated and have even tagged Atahiru Jega a traitor when the rest of the world lauds his efforts.


The ACN and CPC seem to have formed an alliance against the PDP. The ACN sees Jonathan as weak and have decided to take their chance now, they have become the loudest voice of opposition against todays government. It is indeed good to finally have an opposition strong enough to make the ruling party nervous and on its feet. The CPC on the other hand spews pure hatred, but they should be weary in the realization of the fact that we have a nation to build. 


Most of our elite are metathesiophobic, they know change would tip the balance against them because what they have on their score cards is negligible if not nonexistent, so they have resorted to subterfuge in the hope that we are still ignorant. Well we are watching. Some say we are a lost generation, I honestly don’t think so; its our parents generation that has been thrown away because of their docility in the face of tyranny. The funny thing is, the same old crooks have been idling around the corridors of power since the second republic stiffling progress.


A few days ago I read this on twitter- “The Jigawa State Governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido, has faulted the common man for the present predicament of Nigeria.” Just imagine what the cheeky ignoramus has to say, its pitiable indeed. Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, yesterday, accused the administration of President Jonathan of being behind rising insecurity across the country. The former FCT minister and now a top member of the opposition party, the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) claimed in a BBC interview  monitored in Kaduna that government resorted to exploding bombs whenever controversial issues arose in the country. These accusations to me are incredulous, no one can deny that there is a pattern; a bomb goes off in Kano and someone blames poor, clueless Jona for it, to score cheap political points.


The problem with Nigeria is that we expect our leaders to be authoritarian and dictatorial; someone bossy and this stems from decades of military rule. We don’t understand this red eyed, dull looking, slow, sometimes clumsy and inarticulate man who brought hardship on us all by purporting to remove oil subsidy. Jonathan’s greatest undoing has been his inability to become the mesaiah we expected, the reality that he’s just a man a most ordinary one at that, coupled with the fact that this is just his first year in office is enough for us to exercise restraint in accusing him for all the woes of today.


The views expressed here are mine, i’m in no way campaigning for Jonathan’s Government. Those whose greatest ambition is to seize power in 2015 even at the expense of bloodshed, should be weary of my generation.