deep black sea 36188
It was the third night in a row he had been conducting surveillance around the Ricardo Batistuta Science Research Centre deep in the Andes, Tomode Pepple had disappeared in Lima. The trail first went cold then stone dead, when he drove up the mountains in an entourage of wrangler jeeps all driving in different directions.

It was a mystery to Sam for days what a creek war-lord was doing up in the mountains of Peru. Then he heard about the Conglomerado Ciencia Libre an International Science based group that carried out research in areas mainstream scientist frown at, consider improbable or down right evil.

It became clear to Sam what Tomode Pepple had come for when he did background research on the group, he probably was still undergoing medical procedures of some clandestine sort, not just facial reconstruction because from pictures he had seen the mans facial reconstruction was without doubt complete and he was effectively someone else.

The CCL’s work in Peru included work on advanced studies in human longevity, nuclear (epi) mutations, experiments on timeline for anti-aging therapeutics and a long list of scientific mumbo jumbo that brought to mind images of Dr. Frankestein. Scotland Yard detailed unverified reports of human subject research and other stuff that made Sam cringe in repulsion and that didn’t come easy with the weathered agent.

He had requested a cover to get into the facility a day earlier, 36 hours of surveillance had shown that the facility was impregnable. The only way in was with a good cover, his mission once inside was to get a direct dna sample of Tomode Pepple. He was heading back to Lima this evening and he would be back as Professor Tom Nagoma from Kenya.

Tom Nagoma was scheduled to be at the facility tomorrow, the fact that Nagoma was a first timer at the CCL would be an added advantage, Sam reasoned on his way back to Lima. He had to intercept the professor at the Jorge Chávez International Airport.


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