2013, the road to Lawschool



What’s up Martian(s) and Earthling(s)? Is anybody there?
It’s Tori baby.
Calm your titties people, I know you missed me, I missed me too. *throws handkerchief into the crowd* wipe your tears, and let’s get on with the post.
Who am I kidding? I’m probably the only one reading this. I haven’t written in so long I’m not sure I have readers anymore. But allow me indulge in my brief delusion will you? Thanks.
Let’s start by catching up. I’m in Law School now, in the Bwari campus, getting a further education and shit normal people do. By November I shall transcend this unlearned realm to the realm only the learned people walk. Stop hating, eez not easy 😀
When the lectures aren’t boring me stupid, the drama that goes on in this school keeps me entertained. But I shall not get into all that, snitches may be hiding in…

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