Reminiscing about growing up several images spring forth, but one of my most unforgettable memories would be of my episode with music. 

Music then meant The Notorius B.I.G, 2pac and Boys2men, Heavy D, K.C & jojo, the refreshing sound from the plantashun boys and before that Majek Fashek etc. 

We where inseparable then Me and Tega a.k.a St Ice; young, energetic and filled to the brim and bursting over with the love of music. 

From the get go I have always been drawn to music and in that respect I guess i was like most other people, but with Tega and Sweet I found fellows who could actually sing, spurred with visions of stardom and to be involved for once with something bigger than myself i joined the ‘SHINESTARS’ that was the crew then and everything was music.

St. Ice was the motivator, I remember the long walks to the studio to record with all the cash we had and hours spent rehearsing. As a boy I learnt through him what it meant to have a dream and to be inspired.

I was never good at it though but I brought my creativity with me as always and was able to do a thing or too; that was years ago. My man St. Ice on the other hand has kept true to the game to this day, with so much passion. He’s one of the most hard working people I know, a true diamond in the rough. 

These are a few of his songs, be a part of history and download, you wouldn’t regret it! 

Enjoy, play, share, till we go worldwide. 


1. (punish me mp3)  


2. Saintice_this song 


3. ( saintice)_ I love u.


video premier coming up soon…


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