The initiation ritual was horrendous in its scale and bitter in its experience, the GFNDF aimed to make animals of its men. On the first night the 67 neophytes had been stripped to their underwear, completely blindfolded and made to swim across a 71 meter riparian strip into the forests surrounding the camp, before they were beaten senseless in the confused darkness of their blindfolds.

By morning the men had all been reduced to a groaning mass of bodies.
Leo was numb all over, men were whimpering like children all around him. From the heat of the sun he could tell that it was mid-morning. He tried to get up from the damp muddy ground but his thigh muscles where sore, swollen and throbbing so he sat down and ran his fingers over his body searching for injuries.

There was no open wound as far as he could tell but…

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