Leonard Jaro Otone, the 6th of 8 brothers and sisters. His father wasn’t exactly poor at the time but he wasn’t rich either. The family had to share 3 rooms in a mouldy apartment and they all drove to church on Sundays stuffed in a Peugeot 505 station wagon but they were happy.

To little Leo his dad was a god, unlike his friend Chuka whose father beat them incessantly and who didn’t have a car. Chuka’s mother was perpetually pregnant with that petulant baby glued to her limp breasts simultenously, Leo recalled them going to church and school by somehow cheating gravity on a rickety suzuki bike and how they trekked the whole distance back home because their father wouldnt wouldn’t pick them up from school.

Leo never was able to forget his fathers’smiling face when he got back home from work. Business was doing good at the vegetable…

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