60 days

Lone wanderer in the wilderness.
Helpless Hopeless Thirtsy.
Marooned, deserted left with nothing but aparitions.

Shadows all around. Till pain became an ally and a trusted friend. Hours spent alone in self love and hate in equal measure. Prince of the desolate wasteland, no thoughts only bottles.

Then I heard her voice resonating from the distance like a desert rain on parched earth. Turning to the sound a vision, another aparition?

No! The eyes are too bright. I crawled to the sound and the light. That was sixty days ago I found Elysium, valhala, Swarga Loka and the other million heavens. I found happiness!whoever thought it could be found through despair?

I’ve known happiness before but not like this. Not without restraint. The only time I’m unhappy is when she is. I’m losing myself uncontrollably and I get hypnic jerks but I do not want to wake up.


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